Through a life changing experience, God gave me a second chance to follow follow my dream; to be a professional passionate film actor.  I can be a local anywhere.  I have an RV with GPS  and a valid US Passport. I am mature, positive, committed, punctual, organized and a good listener that takes direction.

 So far I have played a Mother, Grandmother, Biker Mama, Wife, Madame, Evil Stepmother, FBI Agent, a Psychologist,  an MD, a Judge, Satan, a Madame, a Grade School Teacher, and an Attorney. I have also done Improv and Stand Up Comedy and Reenactments.

I can be a local anywhere there is a road for my Babemobile!!​

Babe McGuire


Please look me up on IMDb.

Babe's newest short film "The Dinner" just premiered at in LA. The talented Vanessa Rath is the director and writer. Please see the credits at the end of film.  It will be at several upcoming film festivals.  

Babe's Upcoming Films:

Old Man Jackson - Directed by Johnny Ray Gibbs (2018)

Loose Ends - Directed by Cody Underwood (January 2018)

Transfolk The Series - Directed by Carly Davin Nation (Spring 2018)